Les Rouges Jenna Campbell is the MCAC Female Athlete of the Week for the week ending Feb. 27, 2022

To end the 2021-22 Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference (MCAC) women’s volleyball regular season, the first place Université de Saint-Boniface (USB) Les Rouges finished in style. First year libero Jenna Campbell continued her impressive rookie campaign and was recognized as MCAC Female Athlete of the Week for the week ending Feb. 27, 2022.

The Winnipeg native posted 13 digs with a 2.35 passer rating during a 3-1 home victory over second place Providence University College (PUC) Pilots on Sat., Feb. 26 in the last regular season game of this season.

With the weekend win, USB heads into the MCAC playoffs on a five game winning streak, finished number one in MCAC standings with a 14-2 record while at the number ten spot in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) national ranking.

“Jenna is such a consistent defensive presence for our team. Her speed and determination allow her to make plays time and time again. She has worked hard to strengthen her serve receive game, and it has shown this season,” USB’s head coach Evan Turenne stated. “Having a strong libero like Jenna allows the team to have a consistent transition attack, which is critical to the team’s success. This past weekend, the team got a kill off of 60% of her digs, showing the quality of her control.”

The Social Work student-athlete at USB will have her first MCAC post-season experience as Les Rouges plays fourth seed and host Assiniboine Community College (ACC) Cougars on Saturday, March 5 at 12 p.m. CT in the semi-final matchup.

MCAC Athlete of the Week winners for 2021-22 season

Week 1 (ending Sept. 12, 2021)

WSOC: Kira Ireson – BU

MSOC: Franck Oumar N’Dia – USB

Week 2 (ending Sept. 19, 2021)

WSOC: Morgan Pierce – CMU

MSOC: Jai Virk – PUC

Week 3 (ending Sept. 26, 2021)

WSOC: Katie Moniot – USB

MSOC: Matheus Dos Anjos Aquino – CMU

Week 4 (ending Oct. 3, 2021)

WSOC: Sara Boissonneault – USB

MSOC: Garreth Rayner – PUC

Week 5 (ending Oct. 10, 2021)

WSOC: Paige Heide – PUC

MSOC: Jafet Sandoval – ACC

Week 6 (ending Oct. 17, 2021)

WSOC: Cassie Nazeravich – USB

MSOC: Ryder Anthony – BU

Week 7 (ending Oct. 24, 2021)

WSOC: Makayla Myer – PUC

MSOC: Joel Dueck – PUC

Week 8 (ending Oct. 31, 2021)

WSOC: Mylène Chabot – USB

MSOC: Diego Rodriguez – BU

Week 9 (ending Nov. 7, 2021)

WVB: Alex Buhler – PUC

MVB: Noah Barcellona – ACC

Week 10 (ending Nov. 14, 2021)

WVB: Halle Meisner – CMU

MBB: Nathan Ens – PUC

Week 11 (ending Nov. 21, 2021)

WVB: Brielle Grenier – USB

MVB: Tyler Klassen – PUC

Week 12 (ending Nov. 28, 2021)

WBB: Shirliz Apiyo – CMU

MVB: Austin Anderson – PUC

Week 13 (ending Dec. 5, 2021)

WBB: Julia Schatkowsky – CMU

MVB: Carter Beattie – ACC

Week 14 (ending Jan. 30, 2022)

WVB: Maddie Fehr – PUC

MVB: Nick Friesen – PUC

Week 15 (ending Feb. 6, 2022)

WFUT: Tiegan Kroeker – CMU

MBB: Joshua Armstrong – PUC

Week 16 (ending Feb. 13, 2022)

WVB: Valeria Gonzalez – USB

MVB: Timothy Juvonen – CMU

Week 17 (ending Feb. 20, 2022)

WVB: Samuelle Lemoine – USB

MBB: Seth McKenzie – CMU

Week 18 (ending Feb. 27, 2022)

WVB: Jenna Campbell – USB

MBB: TJ Paguirigan – USB