6 Questions With…Brielle Grenier, USB Les Rouges Women’s volleyball, 4th year middle

Université de Saint-Boniface (USB) Les Rouges are in first place in the 2021-22 Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference (MCAC) women’s volleyball standings with a 8-1 record heading into the holiday break. Grenier was already MCAC Athlete of the Week winner this year and Les Rouges are scheduled to resume playing at home against Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) Blazers on Friday, Jan. 28 at 6 pm CT.


1. Your goal for this season…And has it changed now?

Answer: My goal at the beginning of this season was to create an inviting and secure environment for all the new players and returning players to ensure a strong team dynamic from the beginning of the season and build a strong bond with the players. Since we had no problems building and maintain a strong team dynamic within our team, I have now changed goal. My current goal is to concentrate on each game individually and to have a championship mind set every time I step foot on the court whether it is during practices, workouts, or games.

2. How difficult was it to return to conference play after year off due to COVID-19?

Answer: This year being my last eligible year to be on the court for conference play I was extremely excited and anxious to go back on the court after a long delay due to COVID-19. During my first game back I found it more difficult to be fully focused on the game as my stomach was turning and I felt extremely nervous. So many things were going on in my head as it had been way too long without being in that atmosphere. However, after a few games back and with words of encouragement from teammates and coaches, every game became easier and easier to keep focus and concentrate on my game with out being too nervous.

3. Why did you choose volleyball as a sport?

Answer: From the day I started learning volleyball in gym class I felt a passion for the sport and wanted to pursue it, so I joined a club team at a very young age and have been playing since. Volleyball for me is not only about game play but also about building strong bonds with teammates and creating a family. I love the sport because it is a team sport, which means that I need to communicate and work with other players, which creates a team bond and a family. Over the years, volleyball has allowed me to create lifelong memories that I will cherish forever.

4. Who is the joker/fun person on your team?

Answer: I don’t really consider anyone specific to be the joker or the fun person on our team because everyone on the team has made me laugh or giggle a few times during the season. I can always count on every single person on the team to lift my spirits if I’m having a bad day or need a laugh.

5. What are you listening to right now?…and/or pump up music?

Answer: At the beginning of practices or before games we always play music to pump up the team however, one song that has become the team favourite and helps us get pumped up during practices and games is Man’s Not Hot by Big Shaq.

6. Best social media/website to follow?

Answer: Follow @lesrougesusb on Instagram or the website Accueil – Les Rouges – Université de Saint-Boniface (ustboniface.ca)

BONUS: Favourite TV show and/or movie?

Answer: Favourite TV show: Outer Banks; Favourite movie: Pink Panther