11 Questions With…Katie Moniot, USB Les Rouges Women’s soccer, 4th year

Université de Saint-Boniface (USB) Les Rouges won the MCAC championship this season and are the MCAC representative at the 2021 Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Women’s Soccer National Championship. USB play Dynamiques de Sainte-Foy in Quarter-final match on Wed, Nov. 10 at 4:30 pm CT at Humber College.


1. Your goal for this season…And has it changed now?

Answer: My goal for this season was to win MCAC and to be able to go to Nationals. Now my goal is to win Nationals.

2. Thoughts on being part of Nationals this season?

Answer: I’m so excited to be able to represent the MCAC for the first time at Nationals. It feels special to be able to say we are the first team to go. I’m looking forward to the chance to play different teams.

3. How difficult was it to return to conference play after year off due to COVID-19?

Answer: It was a bit rusty to start the season but I think we adjusted pretty quickly. The one thing that stuck out as difficult was not having a change room before the game. That’s a good pump up time for us.

4. Your greatest soccer moment so far?

Answer: Probably winning this season knowing that we get to continue our season in Toronto.

5. Why did you choose soccer as a sport?

Answer: I started playing soccer when I was three or four. It’s the only sport I have a real passion for. I played almost all the different sports in high school but soccer is the only sport that has stuck with me.

6. Who is the joker/fun person on your team?

Answer: We have a few of them. We’re all pretty fun but Cassie (defender Cassie Nazeravich) really is the one who gets us going.

7. What are you listening to right now?…pump up music?

Answer: Whatever is on Cassie’s playlist.

8. Best social media/website to follow?

Answer: The best social media is easily TikTok.

9. Favourite TV show and/or movie?

Answer: Game of Thrones or RuPaul’s Drag Race.

10. Did you have a soccer star that you admired growing up?

Answer: I’ve always admired the players on the Canadian National team, specifically Jessie Fleming and of course Christine Sinclair.

11. When do you realize this team could do something special and make a championship run this year?

Answer: I think as soon as we found out that we had been accepted into the CCAA and we knew we had the chance to go to Nationals something shifted and we knew we wanted to be that first team to go. From that moment, we were pretty determined and I knew we could do it.