A love for futsal helped improve Katie Brown’s outdoor game

Katie Brown’s two seasons on the women’s soccer team at Assiniboine Community College were polar opposites – the team played a full season in 2019 and were only able to practice and play exhibition games in 2020. Brown says she wouldn’t change anything about her time at ACC and she’s learned a lot from being on the team.

“It definitely taught me dedication. I always played sports throughout high school but playing at a college level, it taught me how much teamwork is important and learning to collaborate and work with others and just learning how my teammates played was really important,” said the 20-year-old.

Brown says from the first year to the second year the team improved massively, and the chemistry was better even though they only got to show it during practice and a few exhibition games.

During her two years as a Cougar, Brown played futsal for the first time and she says it helped make her a better soccer player.

“I actually really fell in love with it and it definitely helped my outdoor game,” she said. “Everything is so fast inside the gym, so when you get back on a real field after playing a whole season of futsal, it’s like you have so much space and time to do what you want with the ball … it gets your brain clicking and thinking of different plays and make them faster.”

Brown enjoyed playing for the Cougars, but she said the time off the field is something she will remember.

“A lot of my best friends played on that team and I just made so many great bonds with the girls who played on that team because we practiced together twice a week and then some Saturday’s we’d be going places and travelling to play games,” said Brown. “You spend a lot of time with these people and I’ve made life-long friendships with some of the girls.”

Brown says the practices and exhibition games this season were an outing away from lockdown for her and she’s grateful she was able to spend time with the team, practice and move around instead of sitting inside all day. She adds she had a positive experience with the ACC athletics program and encourages more people to try out for the teams.

Brown is leaving ACC with a business administration diploma and will be spending the next two school years at Brandon University as part of a 2 + 2 program where she will get her business degree. She says she has no plans to play soccer competitively next year but may eventually join a recreational women’s league.

“My grandparents have always been really business orientated and it’s always been a passion of mine and it’s always been a goal to own my own business one day so it’s just a natural path for me to take. It’s just what I’ve wanted to do since I was little, so I thought I’d start at ACC and get my diploma and then if I enjoyed school I would move on to BU and that’s the plan,” said Brown.

Brown says she wants to her eventually own her own business, but could also see herself getting into real estate.

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