Stevenson’s first MCAC goal represents four years of growth at PUC

In her final game with the Providence University College Pilots women’s soccer team, Rebekah Stevenson scored her first goal – a goal that represents her time and growth with the team.

“That was just the best feeling in the world. It was like the peak of everything, it was so cool because most of the girls have been playing with me for two, three years and they’ve seen me grow as a player and improve my soccer skills,” said Stevenson.

“It was cool to be a part of that and feel celebrated by all my team, by my coaches, it was cool because everyone has seen me grow in so many ways. Even some of the girls will be like, ‘I never celebrated so hard for a goal.’”

Stevenson’s growth at PUC was impressive because she had never played soccer before joining the team. She saw a poster in the hallway at school promoting soccer try outs and thought she would give it a shot because it would be a good way to meet people at her new school. She moved from Alberta to Winnipeg to take courses at the University of Manitoba before transferring to PUC.

“I literally showed up to soccer practice, like the tryout, in runners – I didn’t even have cleats yet,” she said with a laugh. “I really, really did dedicate time in trying to improve and anyone that saw me four years ago would say its night and day. You wouldn’t have expected it because of how much I’ve grown in my soccer skills.”

Pilots head coach, Tory Walker, says he didn’t have big expectations when Stevenson first joined the team, but her work ethic amazed him and her teammates.

“Over the past four seasons I have seen her grow into a really good soccer player,” said Walker. “Her first year, I found it difficult to even find her playing time, but this past year in her final season, she had developed so much that she challenged her teammates for a starting position.”

Stevenson says the athletic department at Providence builds a community between all of the teams at the school and she enjoyed the sense of community. She adds she enjoyed her time with the Pilots and plans to play in a league in Steinbach this year.

“I fell in love with soccer, so there’s no way I’m giving that up,” she said.

When Stevenson wasn’t on the pitch she was in the classroom. She is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and hopes to make a difference when she joins the workforce.

“I am hoping to get a job with Child and Family Services or some kind of youth shelter programming. I would love to do that,” she said. “I’ve always liked working with people, especially youth and it’s something I’m passionate about and I also really, really like to help people.”

Walker says Stevenson is a genuine person who loves and cares for her team. He adds she was a difference maker for the Pilots and she will be a difference maker in the world.

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