2020 Futsal All-Conference Awards

Congratulations to the student-athletes on their performance this futsal season. Championship weekend kicks off on Saturday, March 7

Men’s Most Valuable Player

William Tonning (BU)

“It is excellent to get this. We are close knit and strive for greatness. The guys have been behind me every single minute since I got here, so it is great … award for the team.”

— William Tonning

Men’s Coach of the Year

Jesse Roziere (BU)

“It just speaks to what the guys have accomplished. It is a testament to the group that we have had.

— Jesse Roziere

Men’s All-Conference Team

Matheus Moreno (CMU)
Giovanni Benitez (PUC)
Marouane Imaghri (USB)
Akim Johnston (BU)

Women’s Most Valuable Player

Katie Moniot (USB)

“I am extremely excited and proud of Katie for being honored with league MVP. Yes, she is talented player who is usually in the leagues top goal scorers, but MVP’s are much more than talent and scoring goals. Talent might win games, but it takes teamwork to win championships and Katie has a high understanding of that. She makes her teammates better players and with her strong play and work ethic helps lift the teamwork within the team. She is one of the hardest working players I have had the pleasure of coaching and teams need players like her to achieve team goals, a player who gives their all, a player who gives her best every time she is on the court. She is a team leader filled with passion, determination and grit, who is constantly looking for ways to improve herself knowing it will help add value to the team.”

— USB head coach Justin legare

Women’s Coach of the Year

Doug Lawrie (RRC)

“Doug has done an excellent job of taking a small squad and managed them through the season helping our student athletes balance school, work, and sport and still getting the commitment required to have success on the court. His commitment to the team is testament to Doug as a person and this award is well deserved.”

— RRC athletic Director Shane Ray

Women’s All-Conference Team

Jessica Gzebb (RRC)
Hasana Church (BU)
Daneige Edey (USB)
Kezia Balzer (RRC)
Tiegan Kroeker (CMU)

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