2020 Volleyball All-Conference Awards

Congratulations to the student-athletes on their performance this volleyball season. Championship weekend kicks off on Saturday, Feb. 29

Men’s Most Valuable Player

Paycen Warkentin (ACC)

“Paycen has worked extremely hard over the past 2 seasons to improve his game to the point of being what I believe is the most dominant player in the league. Paycen came to practice every day focused on improving himself and his team. Paycen led our team in kills, blocks and was second in digs. Aside from paycens impressive stats his desire to win was unmatched by anyone else, everytime he stepped on the court he was ready to compete and leave it all on the floor. Paycen is one of the most coachable players I have ever had, he soaked in all the information coaches would give him wanting to learn and improve in every way. Paycen is one of those irreplaceable players and will have a long successful volleyball career.”

— Cougars head coach Joel Small

Men’s Coach of the Year

Scott Masterson (PUC)

“Scott has had a really successful season as indicated by their first place finish after the regular season. Beyond that though, he has had this success with no shortage of adversity. The team lost 4 guys at Christmas and he was forced into some unique lineup combinations and mentoring players in positions they had never played before. Scott was constantly adjusting game plans and trying different looks to get the most out of his lineup. The guys always buy in to his planning as everything is well thought out and explained effectively. His calming presence on the bench has also been key to this relatively young group. Scott’s experience, knowledge, and quiet confidence help give his team a chance to win on any given night.” 

— Pilots women’s volleyball coach Kyle Guenther

Men’s All-Conference Team

Willie Goossen (PUC)
Carter Hofer (CMU)
Jonas Friesen (PUC)
Cameron Gayleard (CMU)
Braden Campbell (ACC)

Women’s Most Valuable Player

Zoé Savoie (USB)

“Zoe was determined to continue improving her game all season long, even in her fifth year. She hits a heavy ball and put in a lot of work to improve her serve receive game. A great leader who is committed, resilient and never gets too high or too low. She has a strong character and leads by example. She has worked hard on improving her play and she contributes positively in each aspect.”

— Les Rouges head coach Evan Turenne

Women’s Coach of the Year

Evan Turenne (USB)

“Evan really pours his heart into the program.  He challenges his athletes to want and expect more from themselves.  What he has done with the team in such a short time is truly remarkable and a testament to his work ethic and his will do build something special here at USB.”

— USB’s athletic director Eric Lemoine

Women’s All-Conference Team

Maddie Fehr (PUC)
Jana Klassen (CMU)
Sami Love (ACC)
Darby Coughlin (RRC)
Brielle Grenier (USB)

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