Kezia Balzer is the MCAC Female Athlete of the Week

Balzer scored the game-winning goal against her former team to lead the Rebels to a 1-0 win over the CMU Blazers on Saturday

Kezia Balzer’s game winning goal against her former team was a thing of beauty. Balzer received a through ball from midfielder Jessica Gzebb in the CMU 18-yard box where she launched a shot over the goalkeeper’s hands into the far post netting.

Balzer’s goal was the only one in the match, as the RRC Rebels beat the CMU Blazers 1-0 on Saturday.

“It was a tremendous display of Kezia’s skill, athleticism and work ethic that she has shown all season,” said Rebels head coach Douglas Lawrie.

Balzer has been a key piece to the Rebels defense this season. Playing with little depth, RRC has relied on their defensive structure to be able to keep their players on the field for the full 90 minutes.

“Lining up as a defensive midfielder, Kezia runs miles in every game to support our defensive effort, and also often to lead our attacks,” said Lawrie. 

Balzer is now tied for first on her team and second in the league with four goals this season.

Balzer is enrolled in the nursing program at RRC.

RRC sits in second place with a 6-1-1 record and will finish their 2019 regular season this weekend when they play the PUC Pilots on Saturday and the BU Bobcats on Sunday.

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