Player Profile: Kristin Surovy

Fourth-year Brandon University defender is set to graduate with her Pre-Nursing this year

Kristin Surovy is from Minnedosa, Manitoba and grew up playing all kinds of sports, but soccer and figure skating stood out to her.

Surovy started figure skating competitively when she was 14 years old, but the team environment of soccer won her over.

“Knowing there’s ten other girls on the field that are backing me up and that I’m working with, I think that’s part of why I was drawn more to a team sport,” she said.

In her grade 12 year, Surovy was recruited by the Brandon University Bobcats. Current BU head coach, Scott Haddow was one of the coaches that recruited her.

Surovy said she was nervous about transitioning from high school to university, and because school was her priority, she decided against playing for the school’s soccer team her first year. After her first year of university, Surovy realized she could make the time for both school and soccer.

The fourth-year defender is one of the team’s captains this year and she said she has been more vocal since stepping into the role.

“I’m definitely leading by example for the younger players and showing them like this is the work ethic that’s expected, and this is the expectation of the team,” said Surovy. “Also taking responsibility for the whole team and checking in on everyone and making sure that everyone is able to perform at their best ability.”

When Surovy isn’t on the pitch, she is usually studying for one of her pre-nursing courses.

Surovy said she is planning to pursue her Master of Nursing and become a nurse practitioner following her graduation this year. 

She said she is interested in working in a NICU, returning home to work in Minnedosa, and to eventually do some nursing in some remote Manitoban communities.

“I always knew I wanted some job helping people and the medical aspect and the biology and the anatomy really interested me,” said Surovy. “I love nursing it’s a passion for me and I can’t imagine doing any other career.”

Surovy still has one eligible year left at the college soccer level and didn’t close the door on a future return. For now, she said she will continue to play soccer with her rec team after this school year.

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