PUC’s Claire Yager is the MCAC Female Athlete of the Week

The second-year player scored two goals in her first full game since tearing her ACL last season

Claire Yager played a full 90 minutes for the first time since tearing her ACL in last year’s MCAC semi-final match. 

The second-year PUC Pilots player scored her first two goals of the 2019 season and sparked the team’s offence to push the team to two wins this past weekend. PUC edged out the CMU Blazers 3-1 on Saturday and topped the BU Bobcats 6-2 on Sunday.

Yager had 18 shots on goal in the two games, but she also found success passing the ball and came away with two assists.

Pilots head coach, Tory Walker said having Yager for a full 90 minutes is huge for his team.

“She has had a huge impact on our team’s performance, she has sparked our offence and has been a force to deal with up front,” said Walker. “Her drive, determination, work ethic and passion for the sport and her team is the reason she was able to come back and start playing in such a short amount of time.”

Yager is one of PUC’s captains and Walker said she leads the team by example on the field.

The captain is from Langley, B.C. and taking science courses at PUC.

The Pilots sit in third place with a 4-0-4 record and don’t play again until their Saturday, October 19 road matchup against the second-ranked Red River College Rebels.

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