2019 Futsal All-Conference Awards

Congratulations to the student-athletes on their performance this futsal season. Finals Fours kick off Saturday, March 9 at Red River College at 11:00 AM.

Women’s Most Valuable Player

“Being selected Women’s Futsal MVP is a tremendous achievement for Logan. This is recognition by the league of the vital contribution she made to the Rebels’ drive to qualify for Championship Weekend. Logan, a former Wesmen soccer player, adapted very quickly to the nuances of futsal, and proved to be a natural at the pivot position. She is strong on the ball, with the ability to turn quickly and unleash a very dangerous shot resulting in 17 goals on the season. Her commitment to the team through a challenging academic term has been fantastic, so I am very proud of her for this achievement as a student-athlete.”

– Douglas Lawrie, Rebels head coach

Women’s Coach of the Year

“Justin is as competitive as anyone.  He is very driven to keep improving as a coach.  He challenges his athletes and has worked tirelessly to create an environment that brings the most out of his team.  What he has done with the program and this young squad this year is remarkable.”

– Eric Lemoine, USB Athletic Director

Women’s All-Conference Team

Men’s Most Valuable Player

“Kevin’s technical ability and decision making has helped make him a force in the MCAC in just his first year. He has a passion for soccer and for scoring goals that is rarely matched. He loves to play soccer and for me is a coach is a reminder of why we do what we do, his absolute enjoyment of the game.”

– Jesse Roziere, Bobcats head coach

Men’s Coach of the Year

“Jesse’s commitment to the soccer and futsal programs here at Brandon University has been outstanding. His commitment is evident not just in the team’s record but how we constantly tries to elevate the character and culture of the soccer program. This recognition is very well deserved.”

– Russ Paddock, BU Athletic Director

Men’s All-Conference Team

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