Hannah Van Schie is the Female Athlete of the Week (Week 14)

Congratulations to Hannah Van Schie, second-year forward from the Providence Pilots women’s basketball team, who is our female athlete of the week.

The Glenboro, Manitoba native had a breakout weekend for the undefeated Pilots, putting up 37 points, 20 rebounds and six steals while shooting an outrageous 68% from the field.

“She was an unstoppable threat both nights,” said Pilots head coach Joel Coursey. “We went to her more on Saturday, but both games were incredibly efficient.”

“Hannah’s dominance has been building all season,” Coursey continued. “Saturday was an example of what she can do, and now she knows it too. I won’t be surprised if she puts together more stat lines like this, more often this season.”

The Pilots (4-0) will visit the 2-2 Turtle Mountain Community College Mighty Mikinocks (TMCC) this weekend in their last pair of games before the holiday break.

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