Caroline Seale is the MCAC’s Female Athlete of the Week (Week 16)

Caroline Seale, the Pilots libero, had one of her strongest performances of her three-year career at Providence this weekend as her team went 2-0 against the ACC Cougars. She had a 2.35 passer rating over the six sets to go along with 24 digs.

“These numbers aren’t as glamorous as kills and blocks,” said head coach Kyle Guenther, “but you can’t get those stats without solid defending and passing.”

“Everything that came her way was taken with confidence and aggression,” Guenther continued. “Caroline was able to set the tone for our offence with her incredible passing and kept us in many rallies with her great defence.”

The Pilots women’s volleyball team host the USB Les Rouges this Saturday at 7:30 PM.

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