Sean Deslauriers is the MCAC’s Male Athlete of the Week (Week 8)

Les Rouges coach, Justin Legare, on his humble star, Sean Deslaurier:
“Les Rouges men’s soccer team was two wins away to claim their 4th consecutive MCAC title. I knew this would not be easy for us and that we would be facing the two toughest games of the season.
First Brandon in the semis finals, a team that was improving each week and they gave us a great game. We prevailed and earned a 2-0 victory vs BU and now had one team that could end the streak and that was the extremely talented team from Providence College. We ended up beating Providence in the final 1-0, but it was a battle and by far our most competitive game this season. I am lucky to coach such a talented team, and I could give you reasons why each of my 22 players could be chosen for the final player of the week award.
One stood out just a little more and did it in his normally quiet and humble manner. Sean Deslaurier played incredible throughout the season but really elevated his game this weekend. He was dominant on the wing and shutting down the opposing teams attack time and time again.
Sean is talented and can play either as a right or left fullback and play them both at a high level. He gives me 100% each time he steps on the field or training ground and gives 100% to his teammates.
Sean plays with heart, determination, and passion and he dedicated to his team. This was Sean second year on Les Rouges and was a little hesitant and almost didn’t try out this season when he had heard how strong the team was. It took a little convincing, but I got him to try out and he did earn his spot as I thought he would.
If Sean had one weakness it was his lack of confidence in his abilities at times. We worked on that, I kept reminding him how good he was and you could see his confidence grow as the season progressed. We often have little conversations before games and I reminded him to keep playing the way he was playing but to play with confidence.
The original plan was to rotate a committee of three or four fullbacks, each of them getting a half game. Earning time and starting spots was intense this year because of the all the talent, but with a few injuries to the back line that plan changed and Sean quickly jumped into that permanent starting spot and made it his with consistently strong performances.
I’m so proud of the way Sean played this season and how he elevated his game this weekend. He trusted his abilities and played with a new-found confidence. His play solidified our strong back line and helped us allow no goals against this weekend and earn our 4th consecutive championship!”

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