Chelsea Plett is the MCAC’s Female Athlete of the Week (Week 8)


Bobcats’ coach, Rainer Schira, on the team’s unsung hero this season, Chelsea Plett:

“Our team’s primary strength is in our depth of talent and our cohesive team spirit. We don’t just have a few star players; we have a team full of players with talent and commitment. In each season there’s a narrative, and our narrative this year was ‘struggle.’ We started strong but then ran into a rough patch that was exacerbated by injuries. We needed something special to happen for Final Four weekend.

Chelsea Plett is a quiet, unassuming defender who nevertheless is at the core of our turnaround. She plays on the side of the field that teams’ strongest attackers range down, and she takes them on with a determined and skillful feistiness that secures that flank. She plays – and practices – her heart out.

She has battled through injuries this season, and her commitment to finding a way back to health, back to the field, has inspired every one of her teammates. Her determination makes those around her want to be better people, and her unexpected moments of humour are just the thing a team needs to break the tension.

Chelsea Plett has every single attribute a coach could want, but without the flashy stats to make her a slam dunk.”

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