Brittany Derkacz named Week 23 Athlete of the Week

The Red River College women’s futsal team won the 2017 Copa de la Paz Championship last weekend in a 2-0 shutout against Canadian Mennonite University. Before posting the shut out in Sunday’s Final, RRC’s keeper, Brittany Derkacz, gave up just a single goal to Brandon University in the first game of the tournament’s semifinal round. And it was the court vision of Derkacz on the offensive end that ended up being the deciding factor for Red River in the semis.

With the game tied 1-1 on Saturday against BU, Derkacz had the ball in her hands with just under 11 minutes left in the match. The game had been tightly contested up to that point and unlike some of the other semifinal matchups that would take place later that day, scoring in this game was not easy to come by.

Derkacz spotted teammate, Julia Friesen, standing about ten feet in front of BU’s goal so she hooked an overhand pass with the perfect speed and weight to deflect off Friesen’s head and past BU’s keeper. The header put RRC up 2-1 and would be the deciding goal to move RRC into the next round, where Derkacz would later post the shutout and be named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player.

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