2017 Women’s Basketball Semifinal: #2 RRC defeats #3 PUC 57-40

Entering the second women’s semifinal match of the day, Red River College knew they had to play a half decent offensive game in order to move on to Sunday’s final. Alternatively, Providence had the size and strength to defend Red River and knew that if they could slow the game down enough and keep regular season MVP Zera Lynn Panesa from getting too comfortable, they would have a shot at an upset. And really, both teams did a pretty good job at executing their game plan. Panesa was held to just 8 points on the entire game and Providence was able to keep Red River from scoring any more than 16 in each quarter. But PUC just never had the points production needed to get ahead and Red River methodically outscored the Pilots by a handful of points each quarter.

In the early stages of the first half, the Rebels implemented a full court press that sent PUC scrambling and RRC was able to play with a comfortable lead for much of the game.
Courtney Engel, PUC’s lone All-Conference selection this season, shot 1-for-11 from the field and was held to just 2 points but cleaned up 13 rebounds on the game. Guard Lauren Wiebe and centre Isabella Selk led Providence with 10 points. 
Red River’s Lucija Golubic led Red River with 17 points and 4 steals. Zera Lynn Panesa and Isabella Selk were named Players of the Game.

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