Yahia Chihab named Week 8 Athlete of the Week

You can’t miss Yahia Chihab on the MCAC pitch, he moves too nicely. Yes, he stands tall at a wiry 6’2”, but it’s his control and small nuance of the way he traps the ball or chips it to a teammate that make him unmissable. His third season in the MCAC and originally from Morocco, Chihab won his third-straight MCAC Championship with Les Rouges from Universite de Saint-Boniface this weekend and got to celebrate with a team that had both new faces and old, to share the feeling of validating a whole season’s work all over again. But to fully understand the effect he had on Les Rouge’s entire season, look to October 8th when USB played a tough Brandon Bobcats matchup in the second half of the season when head coach Justin Legare was forced to mix-and-match his players due to a short roster.

“It was a different lineup for Les Rouges on Saturday. Yahia Chihab, usually known for his goal scoring and dribbling, played the vital role of goaltender for Les Rouges and helped the team secure an important three points. Yahia is a true leader and works extremely hard for his team.”

Chihab was very much the leader of Les Rouges this season, scoring less-frequently in the name of playing more of the midfield and setup man, and commandeering the team as a whole. It was his calm maturity that brokered many of the on-field chatter between teammates and opponents, and his smooth moves that winded his team through an extremely talented and dangerous MCAC field this season.

Les Rouges will celebrate their win as much as they can until inter-MCAC play returns for many of them in futsal season, kicking off on January 13th, 2017. 

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