Herby Magny named Week 7 Athlete of the Week

Not only are both Week 7 MCAC Athletes of the Week from Providence University College, but both played a Grade-A weekend of soccer in order to help get their respective team to the 2016 postseason. Herby Magny, second-year striker who hails from the Turks and Caicos Islands, scored the lone Pilots goal in the 78th-minute to make it a 1-1 draw against CMU on Sunday, just enough to give PUC one more weekend of soccer in the MCAC.

“Herb scored against us and was a real vocal leader. He was a really persistent player for them”, says Russell Willms, head coach of the opposing CMU team.

Magny was a magnificent attacker throughout the game and won some acrobatic challenges using his impressive leap. Topping out at 5’7”, Magny makes up for any height disadvantage he may have with a serious set of springs and a strong, physical style of play.

Their draw on Sunday gave PUC the one crucial point they needed to tie Brandon University in the MCAC standings, whom PUC had just beaten in Brandon 1-nil the day before. That win meant PUC beat BU in both of their meetings this season and therefore results in Providence making the Final Fours this weekend at Red River College.

“We had to get at least 4 points over the weekend and in doing so we beat Brandon and Tied CMU in the 78th minute to secure the points to make playoffs”, says PUC head coach Joey Passi.

“Herby scored the goal against CMU, was a vocal leader, was strong on the ball and challenged for various other goals throughout both games on the weekend. He was a key outlet in playing out of the back to transition forward. He has been a consistent playmaker for us this year leading our team in assists and goals.”

Magny and the Pilots see Les Rouges from Universite de Saint-Boniface this Saturday, October 29th, at 2:15. The Final Fours will be played at Red River College on Saturday and Sunday to determine the 2016 Men’s and Women’s MCAC champions.

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