2016 Futsal Championship Preview

11:30 am #1 CMU Blazers vs #4 ACC Cougars (Women)
The Cougars will be in tough tomorrow when they face the Blazers to kick off the 2016 Championship. Besides having an extremely difficult name to spell, Blazer standout Marijka Yaschyshyn has had 8 huge games in the MCAC this season netting 13 goals. An interesting matchup will be Yaschyshyn facing one of ACC’s stronger players, Ashley Scott, who is a sound defensive player and will hope to limit the crowd noise alongside ACC’s offensive threat and teammate, Kate Broadhead. This should be an excellent first match to start the day.
1:00 pm #1 USB Les Rouges vs #4 BU Bobcats (Men)
Les Rouges are one of the most dangerous rosters entering the weekend featuring the heads-up play of Yahia Chihab and the 2015 MCAC Soccer Championship Finals MVP, Seifeddine Dhaoui. Les Rouges probably still remember last season’s futsal final, when they lost a high scoring nail-biter to the host CMU Blazers. However, they will not want to take BU’s Osian Edwards and Taylor Blue lightly; the Bobcats may not have as robust a roster as USB does at times but the Bobcats beat their cross-town rivals, the ACC Cougars, to finish off their season and will be heading into Winnipeg looking for an upset.

2:30 pm #2 RRC Rebels vs #3 BU Bobcats (Women)
In what is a rematch of this season’s MCAC soccer final, the Bobcats will look to prove that they are better than the two points they sit back from RRC in the 2016 futsal standings. BU’s Aziza Kinnarath will be noticeable as her ball handling and quick feet are perfect for the futsal court. From the Rebels are a number of the usual suspects who helped RRC to an undefeated soccer season in 2015; Kaelyn Vincent, Jessica Lister and Kelsie Paul can’t be left with too much space or opponents will pay the price. Vincent scored the third-most goals in the MCAC this season, behind Yaschyshyn and BU’s Jaycee Castle. The Bobcats will look to get Castle up and running early so that she can add to her 17 goals (!) in 8 games played this season.

4:00 pm #2 RRC Rebels vs #3 CMU Blazers (Men)
Wrapping up the semi-finals could very well be the most exciting game of the day when the host Blazers take on the MCAC’s leading scorer, Derek Tessier, and his RRC Rebels. The Rebels are a very dangerous team that could upset any team they play this Saturday, but will have to do so around the excellent body positioning and ultra-mega communication of the CMU Blazers. Led by old timers like Simon Dueck, Michael Breton and Andrew Letkemen, the Blazers bring a tonne of experience and a fundamentally strong unit into their semi final matchup tomorrow. Arguably the most well-positioned and dynamic teams in the men’s division. This – combined with the hostile environment of the Loewen – will make any game against the Blazers a tough matchup tomorrow. You’re gonna wanna catch this one.

As this year’s entire Championship is being held on Saturday, the women’s final will being at 6:00 pm followed the the Men’s Final at 7:30 pm.

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