MCAC Announces 2015-16 Volleyball MVPs and All-Conference Teams

2015-16 MCAC Women’s Volleyball All-Conference Team

Jocelyn Bartos – University of Winnipeg College
Talia Paestch – University of Winnipeg College
Shayna Staerk – Providence University College
LaRae Penner – Providence University College
Sam Bridle – Providence University College
Kim Town – Canadian Mennonite University   

Most Valuable Player
Brooke Huculak – Assiniboine Community College

2015-16 MCAC Men’s Volleyball All-Conference Team

Jarrell Taylor Babb – Red River College
Lucas Pappel – Providence University College
John Neickarz – Canadian Mennonite University
Jordan Todd – Assiniboine Community College
Joel Kliewer – Canadian Mennonite University
Greg Dueck – Providence University College
Zac McCarthy – Red River College   

Most Valuable Player
Erik Wiebe – Providence University College

The 2016 MCAC Volleyball Championships are hosted by Providence University College in Otterburne, Mb this weekend, February 27th and 28th. Check for times and updates.

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