Greg Dueck named Week 14 Athlete of the Week

In a big weekend for the #1 ranked men’s volleyball team in the MCAC, Greg Dueck put forward a Week 14 Athlete of the Week effort by helping his Providence University Pilots

Greg has been one of our top offensive guys all year” says PUC’s head coach, Jason Peters. “In our matches over Week 13 and 14, he tallied 57 kills, and had a hitting efficiency over .450”.

“He has been a strong contributor in the back row also, and his size and jumping ability make him very difficult for our opponents to deal with. Greg is very deserving of the Week 14 Athlete of the Week award”.

Having lost only 1 game this season, Dueck and the Pilots look to conclude their dominant season in the MCAC when they host the Final Four Championships on February 27th and 28th at Providence. They’ve already secured the #1 ranking going into the post season but they’ll be hosted by the #2-ranked CMU Blazers one more time tomorrow at 7:30.

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