Emily Dempster named Week 18 Athlete of the Week

Week 18 was an impressive one for the University of Winnipeg College Wesmen women’s volleyball team. Not only did they defeat an undefeated Pilots squad in straight sets, but they also went 3-0, and thanks to Emily Dempster, they can also claim one of this week’s Athletes of the Week.

Without surrendering a single set in three matches last week, the College Wesmen displayed tremendous consistency in all aspects of the game, and it was the steady play of their second-year setter that really kept the team on point throughout all three matches.

After starting the year off at the libero position, Dempster has put in the work to step up as the College Wesmen’s primary setter. With the team continuing to peak as the season goes on, it appears to be an excellent transition. The position shift doesn’t come without a commitment to her craft, and it’s that determination to continuously improve that has head coach Lee J. Montgomery raving about his setter.

“Emily’s consistent work-ethic, support towards teammates, positivity, and willingness to put in more work than what is asked of her makes her an extremely valuable and key component to our teams success,” says Montgomery.

After defeating the first-place Pilots with such confidence, the sky seems to be the limit for the defending champions. As a piece of their championship team last year, Emily Dempster knows exactly what it takes to win. And if the College Wesmen are going to repeat, it’s her consistency and willingness to put in the work that’s going to put the team over the top.

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