Zeralynn Panesa named Week 13/14 Athlete of the Week

After three straight seasons as MCAC Champions, the Red River College women’s basketball team just keeps rolling. Despite the competition level in the increasing significantly, we once again see the Rebels at the top of the standings as the 2014 portion of the season comes to a close. To be that consistently good for so many years running, recruiting has to be a big part of it – and the Rebels have certainly hit the mark in recruiting Zaralynn Penesa.

The Rebels were in tough in Week 13, with two very close games against Providence and CMU. But when it was all said and done, they came out of it 2-0, and a lot of credit can go to Penesa for putting them over the hump.

Against CMU, Penesa played a great two-way game, finishing off with nine points, and an impressive five steals. In the Providence game, the first-year guard really came alive with a game-high 17 points, to go along with three assists and three steals.

Penesa has played this way all season, something that has certainly impressed head coach Jaenas Pangilinan.

“She always finds a way!” says Pangilinan. “She does everything you want from a point guard. She’s tough on the ball defensively, she can hit the three, gets to the lane almost anytime she wants, and always understands what we’re trying to do.”

This complete game Pangilinan talks about is not only noticeable on the court, but shows up on the boxscore as well. Penesa is the league leader in both points, and steals, is eighth in assists, and plays the most minutes of anyone in the league.

Minutes played isn’t always the stat people point to when speaking on success, but when it comes to Panesa’s game, Pangilinan uses it to make a great point.

“To play almost the entire game as the point guard without fatigue and rarely turning the ball over is asking a lot out of any athlete at this level – but somehow she finds a way.”

Author: Neil Noonan

My name’s Neil Noonan and I’d rather not talk in the third-person. I’m a first-year Creative Communications student at Red River Collegiate in Winnipeg, Canada.

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