MCAC Announce All-Conference Team and Most Valuable Players

As todays Final Fours got underway, the Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference (MCAC) revealed its All-Conference Teams and Most Valuable Players in both men’s and women’s soccer to fans, players, and coaches at Providence University College.

The selections were based on votes by the member schools’ coaches and are listed below:

Men’s Soccer

Most Valuable Player – Marouane Imaghri, Université de Saint-Boniface
Mitchell Martens – Providence University College
Seifeddine Dhaoui – Université de Saint-Boniface
Jonathan Janke – Providence University College
Vasilios Giannopoulos – Brandon University
Jonah Langelotz – Canadian Mennonite University
Andrew Letkeman – Canadian Mennonite University
Robert Neumann – Assiniboine Community College
Cole Johnson – Canadian Mennonite University
Anderson Perreira – Red River College
Dale Danso – Providence University College
Harouna Gueye – Université de Saint-Boniface

Women’s Soccer

Most Valuable Player – Julika Kehler, Providence University College
Bailee Ploshynsky – Brandon University
Elizabeth Codville – Red River College
Lisa Haynes – Red River College
Robyn Coffey – Providence University College
Jessica Gzebb – Providence University College
Morgan Butler – Red River College
Jade Barrault – Brandon University
Megan-Rae Castro – Red River College
Kyra Neufeld – Canadian Mennonite University
Cindy Lou Nepinak – Brandon University

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