Bailee Ploshynsky named Week 3 Athlete of the Week

It was a historic week in the MCAC for Brandon University, as the women’s Bobcats team made their first big splash in the league last weekend. If grabbing their school’s very first MCAC win in just their second game wasn’t enough, the Bobcats came out and played the league’s first-place team to a draw the very next day.

At the centre of their early success is the same name you can read all over the Brandon scoresheets – Bailee Ploshynsky. The 5’9” forward notched two key goals in Brandon’s 3-0 shutout against CMU, as well as the team’s lone goal against Red River. This comes to no surprise, as it was also Ploshynsky who broke the ice for the Bobcats this season, scoring the team’s first goal in MCAC history in Week 2.

Ploshynsky is now tied for the league lead in scoring, and has compiled some high praise from head coach Rainer Schira, who is as impressed as anyone with her high level play so far this season.

“Bailee’s three goals this week are only the objective, measurable result of her affect on the BU Bobcats,” says Schira. “She is focused on not only raising her effort and skill-level, but also on those of her team-mates, constantly encouraging and helping everyone on the team. Cheerful, dynamic, and committed – that’s Bailee”

A player who not only shows up on the scoresheet, but also makes her team better is exactly the kind of athlete who will find success in this league. The skill and teamwork of the Bobcats certainly has the team started off on the right foot – and with a player like Bailee Ploshynsky leading the charge, this could be just the beginning of good things for the Bobcats this season.

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