Anderson Periera named Week 1/2 Athlete of the Week

For Red River College, the first game of the season was more than just a routine regular season game. Facing the Blazers, the Rebels wanted to establish that they’re a better team than their 3-5 record showed last season. Defeating the team who finished one win ahead of them in last year’s standings would be a crucial first step. 

The Rebels ended up getting the 3-2 win, and one of the major pieces of that victory, and Red River’s hot start to the season, was first-year midfielder, Anderson Periera.

The 5’8 Brazilian really stood out against CMU, capitalizing when his team needed him, scoring two goals including the eventual game winner. Periera continued his strong play into the Rebel’s 6-1 win against ACC, setting up two of the team’s goals, and impressing head coach Jordan Goetting in the process.

“Anderson’s work ethic and tremendous engine really helped us get to our 2-0 start,” said Goetting when asked about Periera’s play.

With two games next week, Periera and the Rebels will have a chance to increase their lead in the standings, and continue their hot start to the season. A new season means a new start, and when a player like Periera joins your team, your potential just keeps getting higher.

Weeks 1 & 2 are combined due to only a two games being played in Week 1. 

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