Volleyball Championship Match-ups Set

After a day filled with eight hours of volleyball, we’re one step closer to deciding the MCAC Volleyball Champions as Providence and University of Winnipeg move on for the women, and University of Winnipeg and Red River College move on for the men.

In the first semifinal match, the University of Winnipeg College women took on Saint-Boniface in a matchup of a great offense against a solid defense. In this one, offense prevailed, as the College Wesmen took the game in three straight.

Despite the high-powered offense of the Wesmen, Saint-Boniface showed in instances throughout the game that they definitely could keep up. However, after playing up to speed with Winnipeg until the midpoint of every set, the College Wesmen would just put it into that extra gear, and were able to pull away each time.

In what was probably the match of the day, the number-one seed Providence University College defeated the CMU Blazers in four sets. Providence has been a force all season, holding on to the one seed for its entirety. The Blazers however, didn’t let that intimidate them, playing extremely tough against Providence, taking the second set, and losing two of them in extra points. The crowd was thunderous for this one, with Providence and CMU fans battling almost as hard as their players were.

The first men’s semifinal saw the College Wesmen take on the Providence Pilots in a one verses four matchup. Providence defeated the College Wesmen in the first match of the year, however tonight they wouldn’t be able to repeat that performance losing in straight sets.

In this match, the College Wesmen seemed to weather every storm, and played with a consistency that would be very difficult to match. Although Providence put up a fight many times throughout the match, they simply weren’t able to get on a run to match up with the dominant top-seed.

The final match of the night was an absolute thriller, with Red River College prevailing against the crowd favourite CMU Blazers. The match was back-and-fourth the entire time, which each team trading blows until eventually Red River was able to pull ahead in the fifth and final set.

Unfortunately for CMU, Red River’s well-balanced attack proved to be too much for them, despite an exceptional outing by big hitters Shawn Franz, and Jeremy Penner. Regardless of the loss, the home crowd made this a night to remember for the impressive Blazers team.

If the atmosphere in the crowd on Friday was any indication of what it could be like during the championships, then you’re not going to want to miss tomorrow’s action. The Women’s Championship between University of Winnipeg and Providence University College will be played at 2:00 p.m., followed by the Men’s Championship between University of Winnipeg and Red River College at 4:00 p.m. Admission is $5.00.

For photos from the weekend, visit our Facebook page.

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