MCAC announce Volleyball All-Conference and MVP Selections

As the Volleyball Final 4’s got underway on Friday, the Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference revealed its All-Conference Teams and Most Valuable Players in both men’s and women’s volleyball to fans, players, and coaches at the Canadian Mennonite University.

The selections were based on votes by the member schools’ coaches and are listed below:

Men’s Volleyball

Most Valuable Player – Nathanial Therrien, University of Winnipeg
Erik Wiebe, Providence University College
Josh Doerksen, Providence University College
Shawn Franz, Canadian Mennonite University
Bobby Neufeld, Red River College
Kevin Bommersbach, Red River College
Quentin Raval – Saint-Boniface University

Women’s Volleyball

Most Valuable Player – Chelsea Needham, Providence University College
Clarice Martens, Providence University College
Christa Penner, Providence University College
Lauren Toews, Providence University College
Devon Guenther, University of Winnipeg
Chloe Pommer, University of Winnipeg
Keisha Kaddu, Saint-Boniface University

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