Erik Wiebe named Week 21 Athlete of the Week

Week 21 was the biggest week of the season for the Providence University College men’s volleyball team. With a team right on their tail for the final birth in the Final Fours, the Pilots fate was in their own hands. With a 2-0 record on the weekend, Providence came through in a big way, and a big part of that was from the play of Erik Wiebe.

Leading his team in kills and blocks this season along with being second in digs, Wiebe is a force on the court, and has proven to be one of the best all-round players in the league. And in Week 21 when his team needed him the most, Erik once again stepped up and assumed his role as a leader on the court, finishing with 23 kills, 8 stuff blocks, and a passing rating of 2.31.

Everyone around the league has taken notice of Wiebe’s skill– including his coach.

“Erik has been strong for us all year. He’s played both outside positions and the middle, and has impacted the game in each spot,” says head coach Jason Peters. “His play last week helped get us two important wins, and we’re are happy to have him with our program.”

Although Providence has solidified a spot in the Final Fours, it won’t be an easy road from here on out as they face the University of Winnipeg College team in the first round. They’ve beaten them before this season, but with the stakes higher than ever, the Pilots will undoubtedly be counting on Erik Wiebe to help give them their final push towards an MCAC Championship.

Author: Neil Noonan

My name’s Neil Noonan and I’d rather not talk in the third-person. I’m a first-year Creative Communications student at Red River Collegiate in Winnipeg, Canada.

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