Jeremy Penner named Week 17 Athlete of the Week

The second your team moves into first place, there’s a target on your back, and you’re going to get the opposition’s best every single game. Last weekend, the CMU Blazers brought their best in their five-set thriller against the first-place College Wesmen. The win was certainly a team effort, but when it came to crunch time, it was Jeremy Penner who helped elevate them to victory.

Penner finished the game with 10 kills, 3 digs, and a block, but it was his timeliness that made his game so impressive. For a lot of the match, Penner’s presence acted as a counterforce allowing other hitters on his team to capitalize. But in the times when the game was on the line, Penner simply stepped up – and he’s been doing it all year.

“Jeremy has been a huge part of our team all season,” says Blazers head coach Mark Kliewer. “He’s very tough to defend and puts up a great block as well. The team feeds off of his high energy on the court, which makes all the players around him better.”

The Blazers have established themselves as one of the league’s best, and with players like Penner hitting their stride at this point of the year, they will be a team to watch heading into next month’s championships.

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