Evan Alexander named Week 14/15 Athlete of the Week

In what very well may be the toughest division in the MCAC, the men’s volleyball College Wesmen have stood out amoungst the rest. They haven’t lost since their first game of the season, and it seems like they are only getting better.

To have that kind of consistent success in volleyball, your setter needs to be consistently setting up the rest of the team, and setting them up well. In the case of the College Wesmen, Evan Alexander is doing just that, and it is certainly paying off.

Not only did the University of Winnipeg finish the last two weeks of 2013 with a 3-0 record, but in those games they never even surrendered a set. According to head coach Matt Klippenstein, Alexander has been vital to that success.

“Evan has been an integral part of this team,” says Klippenstein. “He is able to create a strong offensive attack because he sees the court so well.  He’s a team player and has a strong love for competition, which makes him quite a dangerous player to compete against”

Alexander will need to continue his strong play if his team wants to stay on this impressive run going into the second half. But with their 9-1 record, and their 29-5 set differential, the College Wesmen are certainly going in the right direction.

Because there was only one conference game in Week 15, the two weeks have been combined to provide a larger selection pool. 

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