Nathaniel Therrien named Week 11 Athlete of the Week

Being one set away from a championship can do a lot to your team when gearing up for your next season. But in the case of the College Wesmen, and in particular Nathaniel Therrien, it has made them more determined than ever.

Therrien had a great weekend, and has proven to once again be a standout player on this standout team. Leading the Wesmen in kills, and providing his team with excellent defense, Therrien helped lead his team to victories against CMU, and the team that edged them out in last seasons championships, Red River College.

“Nat’s a leader,” says head coach Matt Klippenstein. “He has a lot of experience playing at high levels of competition, and when you pair that with his athleticism and vision on court, it makes him a very hard player to stop. We’re looking forward to seeing even more great play from him this season”

The College Wesmen will be looking for Therrien to continue his dominant play on the court, as they look to avenge their only blemish on their record by taking on Providence University College on Sunday evening.

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