Kathleen Klippenstein named Week 9 Athlete of the Week

After their 51-44 victory over Providence last week, it’s amazing to think how much difference a year can make in the world of sports.

Last year in women’s basketball, CMU struggled significantly against Providence, and really weren’t able to play them close all year long. This year, CMU is 2-0 against the Pilots (counting an exhibition game), a result head coach Joe DiCurzio feels wouldn’t be possible without the leadership of Kathleen Klippenstein.

“Kathleen has been invaluable to us on the team this year,” says DiCurzio. “She’s just such a leader, and has been huge for helping out the younger athletes on the team.”

Klippenstein’s value goes far beyond just the locker room, as she has proven to be a force in the gritty areas of the court, by dominating Providence on the glass, picking up 18 rebounds along with ten points against the Pilots.

“Kathleen’s an extremely hard worker, who’s put a lot of time in trying to improve her game, and we’re really starting to see it pay off now,” says DiCurzio.

The second-year centre will have a couple of weeks to continue training, as the Blazers don’t play again until November 23. When that time comes, CMU will certainly look for Klippenstein to pick up where she left off, as they will have yet another game against their rivals: the Providence Pilots.

Klippenstein is in her third year of studying arts at CMU, and is in her second season playing on the women’s basketball team.

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