Cheikh Amidou Sonko named Week 6/7 Athlete of the Week

Defense may not have the flash and finish as other positions on the field, but Saint-Boniface may know better than anyone how important the position is to winning games. In the last five games, USB has only allowed three goals against, and a big reason is because of the play of Cheikh Amidou Sonko.

Sonko came on to the team this season primarily as an offensive player, but after being placed on a defensive role by his coaches, he has more than embraced it.

“It’s rare for a player with all the talent and skills of being an excellent offensive player, to willingly take on a defensive role, and play it so well without straying away from his duties,” says head coach Justin Légaré. “This makes him highly respected by his teammates, which has helped him become a leader on the field.”

Sonko’s defense was on display last week, especially in Saint-Boniface’s 4-1 win over CMU. The first-year player dominated in the centre of the field, and helped keep possession of the ball away from the opposition for most of the match. This win was a huge momentum builder for the team who wanted to erase the blemish CMU made on their record earlier in the season.

With Championship weekend in two days, Saint-Boniface will need Sonko to continue his fine defensive play, as Les Rouges goes into the post-season as championship contenders.

Sonko is from Goudomp, Senegal, and is in his first year in Business Administration at Université de Saint-Boniface.

Because there were only two conference games in Week 6, the two weeks have been combined to provide a larger selection pool.  

Author: Neil Noonan

My name’s Neil Noonan and I’d rather not talk in the third-person. I’m a first-year Creative Communications student at Red River Collegiate in Winnipeg, Canada.

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