Rebels and College Wesmen set to do it all again

Last year’s men’s volleyball final was a five-set killer. It’s only fair for the MCAC fans, then, that the same two teams who went at it last year will be doing it all again in Saturday’s 2013 final.

Both the #1-seeded Red River Rebels and #2-seeded University of Winnipeg College Wesmen took care of business on Friday (though the latter did it by the skin of their teeth), and will face off in a rematch of last year’s final at 4 p.m. on Saturday. 

The College Wesmen won last year’s title. The two teams split this year’s season series at two, with the Rebels winning both played in the second half.

In the College Wesmen’s semifinal, they fought off a surprising #3-seeded CMU team, who came in with a 3-9 record, but showed a lot of heart along with strength from their power hitters. The match lasted five sets, and CMU came into the fourth leading 2-1 thanks to outstanding showings from All-Conference selections Shawn Franz and Kieran Enns, along with a solid outing from middle Kailen Janzen.

In the fourth, though, it was another All-Conference selection asserting his will. College Wesmen power hitter Nathaniel Therrien worked the left side to put Winnipeg up early. The team as a whole followed his lead, started to block better, and ended up dominating the net for a 25-14 set win.

In the fifth, Therrien stayed at work, getting three kills and a block in the first six College Wesmen points, as he paced the team to a 15-9 set win and the match.

In the later semifinal, #4-seeded Saint-Boniface saw flashes of power from Quentin Raval and Jean-Bocar Diallo, but Les Rouges were ultimately overwhelmed by a more complete Rebels team. Zach Duncan, Brett Lowe, and especially Brad Angus imposed their will throughout the very short match, as the Rebels won it straight and clean – leading by as many as 13 in the last set.

The 2013 Volleyball Final 4’s take place at Red River College’s Notre Dame Campus. $5 gets you in for both women’s and men’s championship matches on Feb. 23.

As part of the Creative Communications program, Red River College students will be webcasting the two championship matches on Saturday.  These webcasts can be found at: 

Check out pictures from Friday’s volleyball semifinals on our Facebook page:

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