Assiniboine Community College, Oak Hills Christian College Withdraw Teams

After being unable to meet the required number of players for MCAC competition, the men’s and women’s volleyball teams from Assiniboine Community College and the men’s basketball team from Oak Hills Christian College have withdrawn from the rest of the 2012-13 season.

“This is the most unfortunate news we could have come back to after the holiday break,” said Larry Shannon, ACC’s Athletic Director. “Primarily, it is a case of academic standing, whereas half of the players on each of the teams did not maintain the required weighted grade point average to continue with ACC’s athletic program. The college is committed to supporting the varsity sports programs that we currently offer and will be looking at strategies to ensure that the 2013-14 season is successful as possible.”

“I’m disappointed in saying that we will not have enough eligible players to field a team for the spring semester,” said Dan Hovestol, OHCC’s Athletic Director. “An eventful fall semester has brought up eligibility issues and dismissals from the men’s basketball team. Despite these setbacks, we’re fully planning for a complete and successful season of MCAC competition in 2013-14.”

After re-introducing varsity sports in 2000-01, this will be the first time that ACC’s volleyball teams are forced to withdraw from league competition. After a complete campaign in 2010-11, this is OHCC’s second straight incomplete season.

Future and past games this season for all three teams will be wiped from the schedule. An adjusted schedule and standings now reflects this in men’s basketball, women’s volleyball and men’s volleyball.

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