Sara Dyck named Week 12/13 Athlete of the Week

Last season, they struggled to join the big dogs at the top of the conference. In Week 12 of this season though, the College Wesmen took a bite out of the frontrunners in women’s volleyball.

The University of Winnipeg, who have been chasing Providence for a season and a half, finally broke through in Week 12 – beating them in four sets to hand the Lady Freemen their first loss of the season. It also tightened the gap between the two teams for tops in the conference heading into the holiday break.

At the centre of the success was a position change for first-year Sara Dyck, who made the dramatic shift from left side to libero for the Nov. 24 match. Head coach of the College Wesmen Tanya Anania said the shift changed how the team defended and received serves. Dyck, as a result, played over 83 balls in the match – one the Wesmen won handily after losing in straight sets to the Lady Freemen just 19 hours before.

“Sara adapted to the new role very easily,” said Anania. “Her hard work and dedication has proven to be an asset to our team.”

Dyck, an 18-year-old arts major, attended high school at Westwood Collegiate in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Author: Neil Noonan

My name’s Neil Noonan and I’d rather not talk in the third-person. I’m a first-year Creative Communications student at Red River Collegiate in Winnipeg, Canada.

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