Assiniboine Community College joins MCAC men’s and women’s soccer

Assiniboine Community College is excited to add women’s and men’s soccer to its varsity athletics program beginning in September 2013.

“Varsity athletics is an important aspect of a student’s college experience,” said Mark Frison, ACC President. “Providing our students with another athletic opportunity enhances the athletes’ experience; it also engages the entire student body as they rally to support the Cougars, their hometown team.” 

ACC’s soccer teams will play in the MCAC. Between now and September, the college will be recruiting athletes as well as head coaches for both of the teams.

“Even though the teams will begin their season in September 2013, we want to talk to interested athletes now,” said Larry Shannon, Athletic Director for ACC. “Soccer is such a big sport around the world, with its growing popularity in the Westman region we’re confident that we’ll be able to attract top athletes to our teams.”

Mark Frison and Larry Shannon were joined by Olympian Desiree Scott at a news conference earlier today, where the announcement was made. The Canadian Soccer Association, the Manitoba Soccer Association, the Brandon Youth Soccer Association and Vincent Massey High School joined ACC to celebrate Soccer Day in Brandon with a number of activities centered around the 2012 bronze medalist. 

“It’s great that ACC will offer varsity soccer in 2013,” said Gerry Rocan, Brandon Youth Soccer Association. “From a grassroots perspective, it’s another opportunity for our young players to continue playing competitive soccer after youth and high school levels.” 

ACC’s varsity athletics program already includes men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s volleyball and women’s hockey. 

For more information, please contact:  

Wanda Kurchaba or Erin Lambert

Communications & Marketing
204.725.8717 or      

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