Norvin Campos Named Week 3 Athlete of the Week

Coming into the season, Providence may have been expected to ride their returning forward Mario Giesbrecht after his stellar 2011 season. The real story so far, though, has been another Freemen forward.
After three weeks and two games, 5’7” forward Norvin Campos has four goals – leading his team and the league. Both games have been two goal efforts, the most recent one a 4-1 win over an improved men’s team from CMU.
“Norvin has been our hardest working player,” said head coach Martin Ward. “His speed and dribbling ability make him very difficult for opponents to contain.” 
Following the departure of University of Winnipeg to the CIS and the brutal semifinals upset suffered to upstart Red River College in 2011, there was no question Providence would come out of the gate strong in 2012. So far they have, heading into Week 4 undefeated atop the conference.
Campos, a business administration student and graduate of Vincent Massey Collegiate, grew up in El Salvador and is in his third year with the Freemen squad.

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