Prairie Challenge Cup Pre-Season Basketball

MCAC collegiate men’s and women’s basketball players will be hitting the court starting Thursday, November 27 when Red River College hosts the Prairie Challenge Cup. The tournament will run from Thursday through Saturday at Red River’s Notre Dame Campus in Winnipeg. Teams taking part in the pre-season event include Providence College, Booth College, Red River College, the Swoosh club team, and Canadian Mennonite University where one men’s game will be held Thursday night.

Thursday Nov. 27th @ RRC

5:15 pm – Women – RRC (Light) vs. PC (Dark)
7:00 pm – Men – RRC (Light) vs. PC (Dark) 

Thursday Nov. 27th @ CMU

7:30 pm – Men – CMU (Light) vs. BC (Dark)

Friday Nov. 28th @ RRC5:15 pm – Men – RRC (Dark) vs. BC (Light)

6:45 pm – Women – Swoosh (Light) vs. CMU (Dark)
8:30 pm – Men – CMU (Dark) vs. PC (Light)

Saturday Nov. 29th @ RRC
10:00 am – Women – Swoosh (Light) vs. PC (Dark)
11:45 am – Men – PC (Dark) vs. BC (Light)
1:30 pm – Women – CMU (Dark) vs. PC (Light)
3:15 pm – Women – RRC (Light) vs. Swoosh (Dark)
5:00 pm – Men – RRC (Light) vs. CMU (Dark)
7:00 pm – Women – RRC (Dark) vs. CMU (Light)

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