Providence Women’s Soccer team claims MCAC title

     OTTERBURNE, MB- The Providence Lady Freemen received their 4th consecutive MCAC title this past weekend, Oct. 18-19 by beating out CMU 1-0 in the finals. 

 The Lady Freemen went in confident but knew the were going to have to work for their win against CMU in a aggressive game Sunday. In the 28th minute of the first half, Providence’s Stephanie Jean-Paul was able to break the CMU defensive line just long enough to get off a low hard shot that took a odd bounce and made it’s way into the net.

          Despite a close game and many scoring opportunities for CMU, Providence goalkeeper Jen Hostrup, sweeper Meghan Edwards, and right back Rachelle Wilcox was able to help keep CMU scoreless.

          Providence coach Scott Masterson said, “I don’t think we played our best game of the year but it shows a lot about a team’s character when they can still win even though they are struggling to play their best. We are going to take all of the positive things out of this game and build on the momentum so we can go into the NCCAA Regional Playoffs with confidence.”

          The Lady Freemen’s next game will be against Faith Baptist Bible College in the semi-finals of the NCCAA Regional Playoffs on Friday, October 31.

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